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Ampatuan / Maguindanao Massacre: 13 years hence

On 23 November 2009, exactly 13 years ago, Andal Ampatuan, with his armed paramilitary security, with the complicity of some policemen, massacred 58 people, including 34 journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New York-based NGO that promotes Press Freedom for the world, described the killings as "the single deadliest event for journalists in… Continue reading Ampatuan / Maguindanao Massacre: 13 years hence

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Moro Human Rights Defender Gone Too Soon

The day before yesterday, I saw in my FB Newsfeed that Atty, Zainudin S. Malang, the human rights lawyer, has passed away. It is so disheartening to lose an intelligent and freedom-loving Moro, esp. during this time when there seems to be very few left. In 2010, I got a long-distance call from Cotabato. It… Continue reading Moro Human Rights Defender Gone Too Soon

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Bus Bombing in Cotabato

Below is a report I made for Vera Files. It is published at Yahoo(click) and at Vera Files (click) Police file raps vs Cotabato bus bombing suspects By Yahoo! Southeast Asia Editors – October 26th, 2010 By Jamal Ashley Abbas VERA Files For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Police today filed multiple, frustrated and attempted murder complaints with… Continue reading Bus Bombing in Cotabato