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Moro Human Rights Defender Gone Too Soon

The day before yesterday, I saw in my FB Newsfeed that Atty, Zainudin S. Malang, the human rights lawyer, has passed away. It is so disheartening to lose an intelligent and freedom-loving Moro, esp. during this time when there seems to be very few left. In 2010, I got a long-distance call from Cotabato. It… Continue reading Moro Human Rights Defender Gone Too Soon

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Bus Bombing in Cotabato

Below is a report I made for Vera Files. It is published at Yahoo(click) and at Vera Files (click) Police file raps vs Cotabato bus bombing suspects By Yahoo! Southeast Asia Editors – October 26th, 2010 By Jamal Ashley Abbas VERA Files For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Police today filed multiple, frustrated and attempted murder complaints with… Continue reading Bus Bombing in Cotabato