Poetical Musings

The audio links below do not exist anymore.
But you can still listen to my rendition of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven here:


or Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 :


or Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29:



[audio:http://jamalashley.blog.com/files/2011/11/poem-Death-be-not-proud1A.mp3|titles= Death be not proud by John Donne]

Death Be Not Proud by John Donne. Read by Jamal Ashley Abbas

[audio:http://jamalashley.blog.com/files/2011/11/01-poem9-N-illusions.mp3|titles=01 poem9 N illusions]

LIFE by Henry King ;  read by Jamal Ashley Abbas

[audio:http://jamalashley.blog.com/files/2011/11/poem-Mans-Mortality-1A_Simon-Wastell.mp3|titles=poem Mans Mortality ]

MAN’S MORTALITY by Simon Wastell; read by Jamal Ashley

N.B.: I imported this from one of my blogs. But WordPress does not read audio files. 😦

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