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Election Notes on Facebook: E-Day and the week after

During the current electoral process, I’ve been posting notes on Facebook. Here are my FB posts including my own comments:
Jamal Ashley Abbas Long lines at polling places due to idiocy of Comelec or just a way to discourage people from voting? Add to this the bogging down of PCOS machines (even Noynoy has to wait for the PCOS to be fixed), and we are up to an interesting start of election day. May 10, 10:13 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas Comelec declared Failure of Elections in 4 towns, including the Tamano bailiwick Masiu, in Lanao del sur. 3 towns lacked BEIs while Lumba-Bayabao had non-functioning PCOS. Jeez, they wouldn’t even care to replace the non-working PCOS. And so the disenfranchisement of Moros continues. So what’s new? May 10, 2:59 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The earliest results came to Comelec and PPCRV at 5:30 PM. This means they closed the voting earlier than that. But accdg. to COMELEC, closing should be 7 PM. What about others who came around 5:40 pm? It’s now just 7 pm yet results from 230 PCOS machines have already come in from Samar and Zamboanga. Very strange. May 10, 7:03 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The Smartmatic boss says that only some 400 PCOS machines broke down and that cannot explain the long queues witnessed in practically all precincts. He’s right. The long queues are courtesy of COMELEC. Every election, they devise ingenious ways in order to disenfranchise the people. This time, they really should be held accountable. May 10, 7:07 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas I hope abs-cbn and PPCRV will not resort to trending. It must be noted that ABS-CBN backs Noynoy-Mar and PPCRV is backed up by the Catholic Church, which is pro-Noynoy. The count should truly reflect the people’s will. May 10, 9:09 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The game’s over. It’s Noynoy-Binay. Poor Mar Roxas. I suppose he was not here during the 1986 Snap Election when Doy gave way to Cory as UNIDO’s standard bearer. That was the beginning of the end for Doy. I hope this is not the beginning of the end for Mar. Kawawa naman ni Korina. May 10, 11: 25 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Does anybody know whatever happened to the random manual account audit? They started a day after elections, then Comelec announced that they found some discrepancies, then nothing on the news. Yesterday or the day before yesterday, Roxas said he was still waiting for the random manual count, among others. Any news about it? May 15, 9:42 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but somebody has to check what’s programmed into the PCOS or CF cards. How could Bong of Lakas and Jinggoy get higher or same votes as the Ilonggos themselves in Ilonggo country? In Aklan & Antique, Bong and Jinggoy got higher than Miriam and Drilon and fellow Visayan Osmena? It’s not possible for Bong & Lapid to get so many votes when Lakas’s GIBO and esp Edu got so little. May 15, 10:50 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas I just don’t believe the numbers Bong Revilla supposedly got. How could he beat the others in their own bailiwicks. He got higher than ADEL in ARMM? He tops regions 7 & 8 against veteran Visayan senators? He is not a superstar like FPJ. Even ERAP did not get such numbers when he ran for the Senate. And he is with the weakest party, Lakas. Something really smells fishy. May 15, 2:28 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Sa Camarines, talo ni Bong at Jinggoy si Papin. Sa Palawan, talo si Mitra mismo kay Bong at Jinggoy. Di kapanipaniwala! May 15, 2:47 pm
Jamal Ashley AbbasFor the record, I have not seen a single movie of Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and Lito Lapid. And film is my specialization — M.A. Media Studies (Film). Foreigners might get the impression that all Filipinos are enamored of these action stars. Not me. May 15, 11:11 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas
How could Erap lose in San Juan – his hometown and where he and his family hold firm political control since 1969? His mistress, Guia Gomez, won overwhelmingly the mayoralty post. His son, former Mayor JV Ejercito, won as Congressman unopposed. If Erap could not win in San Juan, he could not possibly win in any other town in the Philippines. Really, something is very very wrong. May 16, 12:43 pm (His other son, Jinggoy also topped the senatorial count in San Juan City)

with link to: The Daily Tribune

Jamal Ashley Abbas “And we can fairly say that the Philippine government is not committed to free and honest elections.”– People’s International Observers’ Mission (PIOM) May 18, 7:37 pm

with link to:Polls not fair, not honest, not peacefulforeign watchers – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipin





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