Election Notes on Facebook: pre-Election Day

During the current electoral process, I’ve been posting notes on Facebook. Here are my FB posts including my own comments:
Jamal Ashley Abbas Hah! Now they are complaining. The Survey meisters have been lording over the election and political scene for decades now. Unless these survey meisters be prohibited from making pronouncements during election periods, elections will always go the way of the mighty and powerful or the friends and favorites of the survey meisters. April 29 at 2:37pm with link to:  Teodoro openly criticizes surveys – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Jamal Ashley Abbas According to Legarda, Pulse Asia is “infiltrated” by Aquino’s Liberal Party (LP) because the latter’s cousin, Rapa Lopa, is its president. May 1, 9:07 am
with link to:Villar: Survey timing suspect; Legarda: Its infiltrated, for trending – INQUIRER.net, Philippine Ne.

Jamal Ashley Abbas “I’m telling you the cheating has begun..I’m telling you that some money is being distributed to some Comelec officials already these days. There will be cheating in the coming elections.”- Defense Sec Gonzales, thus setting up the FAILURE OF ELECTION scenario. May 1, 9:14 am
with link to: Whats he up to? – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Jamal Ashley Abbas Pulse Asia, owned by Noynoy’s cousin Rapa Lopa, has already anointed Noynoy as the country’s next president. Accdg. to the survey firm, Noynoy leads by as much as 19%, equivalent to 8 million votes! Noynoy now acts as if the May 10 elections would just be a “formality” procedure that would confirm his election. All hail to the king-makers of the land — the survey meisters! May4, 9:09 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas INC to vote for 4 do-nothing Actors, the husband of an Actress, the son of the Dictator, the ex Martial Law Administrator, the mediocre Cayetano and the #1 MOA-AD foe. Woe to the Philippines! Woe to the Filipinos! May 5, 11:41 am with link to Iglesia ni Cristo names 12 senatorial bets – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Jamal Ashley Abbas The PCOS machines, the re-configured FC cards, the COMELEC, the guns, the goons and the gold are all set for Monday’s Failure of Elections! Of course there will be elections on Monday, but I think it will turn out to be a massive failure. GMA will not allow a Noynoy victory. Not if she can help it. And she still has the power. Meanwhile, the LP is all set for people power. This is going to be very interesting. May 7, 4:30 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The CF cards were found 2 b defective coz they read only certain lines. As the mock polls in Mindoro showed, they read votes for Teodoro but not for others. When the cat was let out of the bag, COMELEC N SMARTMATIC just ordered the “reconfiguration” of the flash cards. A new batch of CF cards were sent to all precincts. But what are they configured to? Are they configured to do “dagdag-bawas” in a systematic manner? May 8, 9:17 pm

COMMENT: Yesterday, Comelec’s Jimenez went to TV programs and demonstrated the use of the PCOS machines. But he used different ballots and CF cards configured for those ballots. The whole exercise which impressed the hosts and the ANC anchors PROVED NOTHING except that those cards could read those kinds of ballots. But what about the NEW “reconfigured” cards? Can they read the official ballots correctly?

Jamal Ashley Abbas It is not far fetched that the CF cards are configured in such a way that the winners are already pre-determined. Each card is configured to read only a maximum number of votes for each candidate. For example, in one precinct cluster, Teodoro is configured to get at least 60% of the votes, Villar, 20%, Noynoy 5%, etc.If Villar or Noynoy gets more than the alloted votes, these votes will be counted for Teodor. It is very easy to program that into an CF card. May 8, 11:25 am with link to:   Some poll machines fail to read votes accurately – Eleksyon 2010 – GMANews.TV

Jamal Ashley Abbas A while ago, NCPAG Dean Brillantes said on ANC that he just came from a school where some PCOs machines were tested. He said that there were a few glitches like the machines’ switches, the lack of thermal paper and one Party List vote was not counted. “Minor things,” he said. He advised everyone to TRUST the machines bcoz “it’s the only game in town”. May 9, 5:09 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas How typical of current UP officials –“Never mind if it is rigged, as long as it is rigged in favor of the officials”! Yeah, what’s one vote for a partylist group anyway?!

Jamal Ashley Abbas Please note that the defective CF cards were announced by political parties and individuals through mass media and online (blogs, FB, twitter, etc). PPCRV, the COMELEC’s “citizen arm” was sleeping on the job. People should be vigilant tomorrow. If possible, observe the counting. If you see anomalies, report to the media and other watch groups. We cannot rely on PPCRV. What does Tita de Villa know about computers? May 9, 6:24 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas All is set for tomorrow’s automated cheating, er, election! May 9, 7:42 pm
with link to: Memory card mess opens polls to rigging: ex-poll official | ABS-CBN News Online Beta





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