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Election Notes on Facebook: Congressional Inquiry

During the current electoral process, I’ve been posting notes on Facebook. Here are my FB posts including my own comments starting from the Congressional Inquiry on the Electoral Reform:

Jamal Ashley Abbas
Oh my, just finished watching the Congressional inquiry on the elections. The electronic cheating appears pervasive. This is what I’ve been saying all along, without proper safeguards, it is very easy to cheat using computers. Committee chair Teddy Locsin shouted at the SmartMatic people, calling them SOBs!! He realized he was had. Until yesterday, he was the champion of Smartmatic and automated elections. May 20, 3:33 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas
“Sons of _ _ _ _ _ _ _! You had us standing here, guaranteeing to the public and the world that even if fraud is committed we will be able to trace it. We never said that there would be no fraud, but you said we could trace it. And now you tell me, that at 10 in the evening they could do it and we would never know. My God!” said Makati Representative Teodoro Locsin. May 20, 9:16 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas He screamed Sons of B——- at least twice!! Hahaha May 20, 9:18 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas For those who haven’t seen this yet. May 20, 9:27 pm
with link to:Confessed E-fraud operator sends alleged evidence to ABS-CBN | ABS-CBN News Online Beta

Jamal Ashley Abbas If our congressmen and government and NGO officials were computer (programming) literate, they would have known about these things. Locsin may have gone to Harvard, but he did not use computers there. PPCRV’s Tita De Villa is even more computer illiterate. Why couldn’t most Filipinos admit that they are not competent for some jobs? In today’s technological world, we should have more engineers and scientists in Congress. May 21, 12:57 am
with link to:Votes Can Be Changed Using Only A Memory Card

Jamal Ashley Abbas
The first time I saw what kind of machines they were going to use, I could already see the possibilities for cheating. Instead of putting in safeguards, the safeguards were removed one by one. First, the Bureau of Printing watermark was not put for ARMM ballots, allegedly because of conflicts in printing schedule. Then the UV marks were declared to be unreadable by the machines. Then, the digital electronic signatures of BEIs for ERs/COCs were done away with, which is patently against the law.

And if there were any complaints, Cong. Locsin, a lawyer, was all over the media calling critics of automation IGNORANT, etc. He championed the cause of automation and Smartmatic. He assured everyone, in his arrogant manner, that any cheating can easily be detected.Locsin later realized his monumental mistake and screamed “Sons of B_____” at the Smartmatic people. But the harm has been done. Can it be undone?  May 21, 8:27 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas
I prefer Noynoy over Erap and Villar; Binay over Roxas. I’m also glad that many local trapos were victimized. But I think people should seriously scrutinize the automated system – the PCOS and CF cards. If all the complaints will just be swept under the COMELEC rug, then we’ll never have credible elections in the future. For next elections, I’ll apply to be a PCOS technician and make some money in the process. May 21, 8:54 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas
3 and a half hours after the Locsin committee closed, abs-cbnnews.com still has no write-up about it. This is “Gatekeeping” and “Agenda-Setting” theories in action. Meanwhile, inquirer.net uses the adj “losing” and “defeated” to politicians who claimed to have been approached by people who offered to rig the polls in their favor. May 24 3:39 pm
with link to screenshot of abs-cbnnews.com at that time

Jamal Ashley Abbas
ANC anchors and reporters, esp. Ina Reformina, were vigorously defending Smartmatic and arguing against the testimony of IT expert Atty. Vitangcol. Vitangcol said that it is possible to re-program the configuration file of the CF cards to add or shave votes.

The ANC reporters repeatedly echoed Smartmatic’s response that during the testing and sealing process, the PCOS machines initialized the votes to zero.But that is neither here nor there because even a tampered CF card would also show an initial total of zero votes. But the tampered CF card would produce a different result depending on the pre-programmed “dagdag-bawas”. See the Hursti Hack wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hursti_HackJeez, even reporters now think they are IT experts!The inquirer article did not mention that Barbers said that in one town, there were supposed to be 4 PCOS machines but only three arrived. Yet accdg to COMELEC results, 4 PCOS machines transmitted the results. Comelec did not respond to this allegation.COMELEC’S Dir. Tolentino said that the counting was all done electronically – 100%, no manual counting. The congressmen gave contradictory accounts. Goodness Gracious, I myself saw on TV BEIs counting the votes MANUALLY because of out-of-order PCOS machines! And during election day, many precincts in Metro Manila were shown on TV where the ballots, already filled up, were merely put in the boxes because of non-functioning PCOS machines. What is Tolentino talking about? May 24, 4:19 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas
RA 7892 Chap 1, Sec 5 d states:”Electronic signature” refers to any distinctive mark, characteristic and/or sound in electronic form, representing the identity of a PERSON…”
COMELEC did away with the BEI electronic signature requirement. Can COMELEC override a law? Can the interpretation of a law really depend on just the person reading it? Must one go to the Supreme Court for the interpretation of every line in a law? May 24, 5:15 pm
with link to: Election returns flawed, says Locsin – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Jamal Ashley Abbas
RA 9369 (Automated Election Law) states: SEC. 25. A new Section 30 is hereby provided to read as follows:

“Sec. 30. Authentication of Electronically Transmitted Election Results. – The manner of determining the authenticity and due execution of the certificates shall conform with the provisions of Republic Act No. 7166 as may be supplement or modified by the provision of this Act, where applicable, by appropriate authentication and certification procedures for ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES AS PROVIDED in Republic Act No. 8792 as well as the rules promulgated by the Supreme Court pursuant thereto.”
May 24, 5:20 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas IT expert Al Vitangcol asked DOST’s Denis Villorente what the name of the file in the CF card contained the results of the voting. He couldn’t/wouldn’t answer. Al enumerated the filenames in the cards. Denis said there is a 2ND PARTITION! Al asked again to no avail. He asked how could Villorente be a member of the Comelec’s Technical Evaluation Committee if he doesn’t even know what he is evaluating! Attaboy, Al! May 25, 3:05 pm

Jamal Ashley AbbasVillorente’s answers and “non-answers” are suspicious. First, he appeared reluctant to answer, always looking over his shoulder to somebody for a cue. When Vitangcol asked that he be compelled to answer, he said, after looking over his shoulder, he did not know.

Second, there is a 2nd partition? What’s in that partition? Strange that a 2GB card would have 2 partitions? Is it a secret partition?Vitangcol is all set for a fight because it looks like some people are questioning his expertise. This is how Inquirer describes him: “A lawyer claiming to be an information technology expert”. I think he was introduced by Locsin as having a graduate degree in Computer Science from La Salle. May 25, 3:17 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas OMG, will somebody donate some Intelligence to the ANC presenters covering Congress? Pia Hontiveros even has the gall to imply that the Congressmen do not have Common Sense! It is they – Pia and Twink who do not understand the question at all. Goodness Gracious! May 26, 4:25 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The Congressmen were asking why there were two separate sets of COCs for Pres. and VP. Both sets contain BEI signatures.
COMELEC answered that they are just one DOCUMENT because it is contained in ONE PDF file.

But as Pimentel and others were saying, since both sets contain SEPARATELY signatures of the BEIs, then legally, they are separate DOCUMENTS.

If the congressmen are more computer-literate, they could tell COMELEC that a PDF file or a WORD DOCUMENT does not necessarily contain only one document. It can contain as many documents as possible.

This question is important because if there are questions on the VP canvass, does that mean that the presidential canvass is necessarily affected? If they are two separate documents, then one can argue that discrepancies on the presidential count does not necessarily affect the VP count and vice versa.  May 26, 4:34 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas
The laws (automated election law and e-commerce law) only indicated ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES. They DO NOT indicate DIGITAL SIGNATURES. There is a world of difference between them. Funny that Smartmatic, Comelec, the IT resource persons and everyone else in the Congressional debates are not making the distinction between the two. The COCs HAVE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES BUT LACK DIGITAL SIGNATURES! May 27, 6:05 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Canvassing started in Congress. Too bad that nothing can be done about the senatorial canvass. I still cannot believe that Bong Revilla can top the slate in practically all regions. Why would Ilocanos prefer him over Enrile? He beat Enrile in Enrile’s own province of Cagayan! He got more votes than the Moro candidates in ARMM! He got almost double the votes of De Venecia in Pangasinan! May 27, 11:33 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The Philippine FILM industry is DYING. Few Filipinos watch Filipino films anymore. If these actors – Revilla, Jinggoy, Sotto, and Lapid are really that popular, accdg to Comelec results, then why couldn’t they help the film industry by making huge blockbuster films? May 27, 11:40 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Random Manual Audit is suspicious. Congressmen, political parties and NAMFREL question the reliability and credibility of the RMA. Most did not start on evening of May 10 inside the clustered precincts as mandated by law. Generally, political parties and other watchdog groups were absent during RMA. Until now, 18 daysafter election, the full report has not been released. May 29, 12:40 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas
Be that as it may, PPCRV’s initial report indicates a variance of 0.07 % or 99.93% accuracy. However, the contract between Smartmatic and COMELEC states that the PCOS machines must show 99.995% accuracy or a variance of only 0.005%. Clearly, the PCOS failed the test!

Accdg to IT experts invited in the Congressional inquiry, a variance of 0.07% is UNACCEPTABLE. They said that the results are equivalent to “junk” since they are now questionable. May 29, 12:53 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas
IT expert Roberto Verzola pointed out that the SYSTEST report on Smartmatic’s Source codes indicated 5466 UNRESOLVED ISSUES e.g. it can’t prevent tampering during maintenance, some log files can be lost or overwritten, possible editing of SQL commands, and several unresolved issues of logging functions of the system like TIME LOGGING. May 29, 1:03 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas
The Systest report showed that there were issues on the TIME LOGGING function of the source code. COMELEC and SMARTMATIC were thus warned. Yet, why did they not do anything about it? Now, we have the most important documents of the Election exercise – the ERs and COCs — without the correct date and time. May 29, 1:16 am

Jamal Ashley Abbas People at ANC 24/7 facebook and twitter accounts are attacking the credibility of Sabile and the IT experts. All pro-Smartmatic and anti-IT experts posts are shown on TV repeatedly but those anti-Smartmatic are not. May 29, 3:20 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas
I posted the ff. comment on ANC 24/7 FB account:

All throughout the congressional inquiry, Smartmatic’s Cesar Flores kept on repeating that if there were any questions on what transpired during the election period, INCLUDING QUESTIONS ON TIME AND DATE LOGS, one can look at the AUDIT LOG FILE for the answers.Later, he said that the CF cards CANNOT be opened in an ordinary laptop or computer. He said all that would appear is a BLANK PAGE. Later, he changed his story and said only GIBBERISH would appear.Lo and behold, Sabile was ABLE to open the VERY IMPORTANT, accdg to Flores in previous days, the AUDIT LOG FILE. And it was not gibberish.Flores then CHANGED his story and said that the audit log file is a “public file”, meaning open to the public. Ha ha ha!Again, all throughout the hearings, Flores repeated that any question CAN BE ANSWERED BY THE LOG FILES. HE NEVER SAID THAT ONE CAN OPEN THE OTHER FILES, e.g. the res_trans files, to obtain the answers.Before Sabile’s expose, this was the likely scenario:In an actual protest in Comelec or RTC, the winning candidate would just produce the log file to prove authenticity of the results because ACCDG TO SMARTMATIC, THE AUDIT LOGS WOULD ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. And that AUDIT LOG FILE could be very well presented to the Court or Comelec in MS Word or any format, with NO ONE THE WISER.

In actual Comelec or Court cases, the Court or Comelec will NOT ask that the particular PCOS and CF cards be brought to the court and let someone open the encrypted files. No! The protestants will be left with only the COCs, the AUDIT LOG FILE and maybe even the ERs as the “official documents” as evidence of alleged fraud. Unless in special cases like the Cagayan de Oro CF cards and Cong. Susano’s CF cards where the cards themselves would be the center of the issues.

Thanks to Sabile, all protestants will (should) now refuse to accept the audit log file as evidence.

Moreover, accdg to SYSTEST report, there were 5466 remaining UNRESOLVED ISSUES in the SOURCE CODES incl.: several logging functions such as TIME LOGGING (which explains the incredible time logs of the ERs and COCs), not all critical system status will be logged, tampering CANNOT BE AVOIDED during maintenance, SOME LOG FILES can be LOST OR OVER-WRITTEN and even the POSSIBLE EDITING OF THE SQL COMMANDS. Editing SQL commands means that one can tamper with the DATABASE itself. These were all enumerated in the report of HALALAN MARANGAL as testified by Roberto Verzola in the Congressional inquiry. May 29, 3:30 pm


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