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Sex at 24 Frames Per Second – Film Review

FROM MR. & MS. MAGAZINE JUNE 2007 ISSUE. Playboy Magazine produced a documentary titled Sex at 24 Frames Per Second (2003) that was written and directed by Kevin Burns and Steven Smith. It gives the viewers a brief glance at the relationship between Sex and Hollywood. In line with its producer’s characteristics, the film gives… Continue reading Sex at 24 Frames Per Second – Film Review

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Sexual Kung Fu: Transcendent Orgasm

by Jamal Ashley Abbas To come or not to come (?), that is the question that concerns practitioners of Taoist sexual kung fu. In Taoism, the life force energy is hugely concentrated in the male semen. The conservation of this energy is thus imperative. For monks, celibacy is the traditional way but there is a… Continue reading Sexual Kung Fu: Transcendent Orgasm