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The Fountain: Of Love, Life, Death and Immortality

    Looking for something to watch that is out of the ordinary? Something fantastic, something surreal and something romantic? A film with handsome and beautiful stars who can act? A film that can encourage you to ponder upon life's mystery? Aronofsky's cult film The Fountain could be just the film you are looking for.… Continue reading The Fountain: Of Love, Life, Death and Immortality

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The Moon in Astrology

  Most people are familiar with Sun-Sign astrology. When a person says s/he is a Sagittarian, it means that when s/he was born, the Sun was in (under the influence of) the constellation Sagittarius. There is, however, another very important planetary body in our solar system – the Moon, Earth’s closest neighbor. The Sun is… Continue reading The Moon in Astrology

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Many Facets of Beauty

Putting this article back in the blogosphere... The ancient Greeks are lovers of Beauty. For one beautiful lady, the whole Greek alliance led by its greatest kings and warriors – Agamemnon, Menelaus, Odysseus, Achilles, Ajax, etc. – waged a 10-year war against the Asia Minor Kingdom of Troy. But the great Greek thinkers / writers… Continue reading Many Facets of Beauty

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Da Vinci Code: Review of film and book

I have a number of free-hosted blogs that vanished into thin cyber air, for whatever reasons. Fortunately,  I found out that some people or organizations re-published or archived some of my blogposts. Three nights ago, I browsed the web for my lost blogposts. Almost miraculously, I found many of my posts from my blog, Reflections… Continue reading Da Vinci Code: Review of film and book

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VIA MARE – The Filipino Comfort Food

The latest issue of DDG magazine (Dec-Jan) is out. I have an article there: Here are more photos (by me) of Via Mare's delicious "comfort food": Get your DDG magazine at the nearest National Book Store!

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DDG – the latest magazine in town

Last night, DDG Magazine, a lifestyle magazine, was launched at the PRIVÉ Luxury Club at the Strip in Global City. A bevy of drop dead gorgeous girls graced the occasion. The editor-in-chief Apple Hollin acted as the gracious hostess of the night. The publisher was also there as well as a few writers like myself. I… Continue reading DDG – the latest magazine in town

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George and the Temple of Prosperity

  St. George slew dragons that terrorized people; this George slays the Poverty-consciousness that makes most Filipinos wallow in penury and misery. This George wields no swords, but spreads words of wisdom. This New Thought crusader fights the superstitions and the dogmatic beliefs that have impoverished people’s bodies, minds and souls for ages. Son of… Continue reading George and the Temple of Prosperity

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Niza and Woodstock

For the lighter side of things, here is my magazine article on Niza Abbas and her Belgian Malinois: By Jamal Ashley Niza has always loved cats. She had them for pets since she was still in grade school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Now, after being a cat person for so long, she decided to have… Continue reading Niza and Woodstock

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Brethren of the Rosy Cross

During this Lenten Season, one's mind might be open to things esoteric or spiritual. Below is an article I wrote on the Rosicrucians, which was published in Mr. & Ms. Magazine.           Aramis Aguilar is an hale and hearty 78 year-old CPA and lawyer. Rolly Sison  is a 64 year- old… Continue reading Brethren of the Rosy Cross