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Sexual Kung Fu: Transcendent Orgasm

by Jamal Ashley Abbas To come or not to come (?), that is the question that concerns practitioners of Taoist sexual kung fu. In Taoism, the life force energy is hugely concentrated in the male semen. The conservation of this energy is thus imperative. For monks, celibacy is the traditional way but there is a… Continue reading Sexual Kung Fu: Transcendent Orgasm

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Secrets of Sex Magick

The term Sex Magick brings to mind images of naked witches and warlocks in orgy, or scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s forgettable film Eyes Wide Shut that showed hooded men fornicating with nude women, or the paintings and sculptures of the Kama Sutra. In the Kubrick film, the men were simply enjoying an orgy with elaborate… Continue reading Secrets of Sex Magick