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Debunking Heroes: the Magdalos then and now

While the new Magdalos are being accused of plotting to oust the President, and Magdalo leader, former naval Ltsg, now Senator, Trillanes is facing suits from the government, the original Magdalos - Generals Emilio Aguinaldo and Gregorio del Pilar are being attacked as anti-heroes, if not outright villains, in the movie, GOYO (2018). I thought… Continue reading Debunking Heroes: the Magdalos then and now

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El Presidente, the movie

DECEMBER 29, 2012 Today, Carmen Pedrosa wrote in her column in the Philippine Star: I have to see the film “El Presidente” to know if it does justice to Emilio Aguinaldo, a neglected hero. He offers many lessons to our present leaders. His role in the making of our nation has not been given its rightful place.… Continue reading El Presidente, the movie

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Aguinaldo and Philippine History

Philippine Star columnist wrote about me and the country's first president, Emilio Aguinaldo in her column yesterday:  Aguinaldo's role comes up every June 12 FROM A DISTANCE By Carmen N. Pedrosa (The Philippine Star) Updated June 23, 2012 12:00 AM Every June 12, I try to write about General Emilio Aguinaldo. His role in the… Continue reading Aguinaldo and Philippine History

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Domini Torrevillas quoting from my research paper on Filipino Identity

Today, I googled my name and was surprised to see that many people and websites cite me and my works. One of them is an article by veteran journalist Domini Torrevillas in her column FROM THE STANDS in the Philippine Star. It was dated October 11, 2008 She wrote: In my searches, I found a… Continue reading Domini Torrevillas quoting from my research paper on Filipino Identity