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Debunking Heroes: the Magdalos then and now

While the new Magdalos are being accused of plotting to oust the President, and Magdalo leader, former naval Ltsg, now Senator, Trillanes is facing suits from the government, the original Magdalos - Generals Emilio Aguinaldo and Gregorio del Pilar are being attacked as anti-heroes, if not outright villains, in the movie, GOYO (2018). I thought… Continue reading Debunking Heroes: the Magdalos then and now

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Independence Day?

Today is the so-called Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines. While the Philippine government is throwing another party extravaganza to celebrate Independence Day, it would be much better to analyze what happened during those times 114 years ago. Despite the heroic efforts of the Filipino patriots in 1898, the independence that they proclaimed… Continue reading Independence Day?