More Election Notes on Facebook

During the current electoral process, I’ve been posting notes on Facebook. Here are my latest posts.
Jamal Ashley Abbas Smartmatic and Comelec says that the time/date indicated in the ERs/COC are not important. Is there any important document that considers time as NOT important? If you get a pay slip that says it is payment for Jan. 2010, then you can go to court and demand to be paid for Feb to May 2010. Yet if the ER says the election took place in January, everybody should just laugh at the mistake? May 31, 8:07 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Why is Smartmatic doing its presentation demo at Congress? They can do it a million times, so what?. Any salesman for a product will always present his product as perfect. Yet, as Pimentel pointed out, this perfect system made a “mistake” in the number of registered voters in the Congress server and hundreds of ERs/COCs show wrong time and date. As Pimentel said, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. May 31, 8:11 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas A little learning is a dangerous thing. Smartmatic can easily impress the IT knowledge-challenged congressmen. These congressmen, incl senators, should stick to what they know – like “the fruit of the poisonous tree” and the falsus uno, falsus omnibus legal principles. COMELEC did NOT follow the law’s (RA 9369) provisions in Sec. 3, 5, 7(n), 11,& 12. And they should try to UNDERSTAND what the IT experts are saying. June 1, 1:46 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas “ANC 24/7: Commissioner Larrazabal: I exhaustively explained earlier the concept of nullified votes before the members of the canvassing committee and lawyers for the candidates.” Larrazabal implies that the committee and the lawyers are numskulls. But the question is not on the DEFINITION of nullified votes. The question is on the ANOMALOUS NUMBER of nullified votes. June 1, 11:43 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The camp of Roxas is asking why is there such an unusually big number of nullified votes for the VP slot — more than 2 million votes! Moreover, why is there an even bigger percentage of nullified votes for VP slot in Regions which are perceived to be Roxas’s bailiwicks? They are asking why would the Negrenses and other Ilonggos either not vote or not know how to vote for their Favorite Son?

Comm. Larrazabal can “explain” until he is black and blue but that will not satisfy people who truly want to know the Truth. The only way this can be explained away is to check the ballots themselves (through the images in the CF cards) and see if indeed the people there either did not vote for VP or voted more than one candidate.

Again, this is a question on the reliability of the PCOS machines.

Really, it’s about time that some PCOS machines would really be put to a test. Check the ballot images if they really correspond to the results printed in the ER. This way is so much better than 1000 hours of “explanation” by Comelec and Smartmatic people. June 1, 11:43pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas I thought nothing new can come out from Locsin’s committee anymore. Well, 20 CFcards and 2 “card burners” (sic) were sent to each province by Comelec. A resolution was released as early as April, before the “re-configuration” of the CF cards. And a Comelec ad said there were ~160,640 CF cards available b4 the May 3 incident. With the importation of 76,000 more cards, the country was AWASH with CF cards! June 2, 3:44 pm

ANC 24/7 Tolentino: We did not keep this a secret that’s why we faxed this to our regional offices. These are contingency measures. I don’t think the Comelec has to inform congressional committee about all we are doing. June 2, 3:44 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas The CF cards are not the private properties of Comelec. The CF cards are a concern of the candidates, the political parties, PPCRV and other watchdog groups and ultimately, the Filipino people. His memo was sent on May 9, Sunday and the election was on May 10. Incredible! June2, 4:44 pm

@ANC 24/7 Jamal Ashley Abbas Sen. Enrile to Dir. Tolentino: Why did it take them (DOST staff) up to early morning of May 10 to reconfigure only 20 CF cards? June 2, 4:50 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Roxas’s lawyer motioned that some of the contested precincts’ ballots be viewed through the CF cards’ image files to settle once and for all the issue of nullified votes. Binay’s lawyer countered the motion. But I missed the ruling of the Board. Really, the Board should approve the motion to settle the issue. June 2, 7:05 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas Smartmatic kept on repeating that the way to check the veracity of the COCs is to counter-check them with the image (.jpe) files or the audit logs. But if the canvassing board will not allow it, what is the use of the Image files, then? For souvenirs for Comelec people? June 2, 7:08 pm

added June 3, 2010 :
Jamal Ashley Abbas I began doing computer programs in 1976 when most Filipinos haven’t yet seen computers. Humans control machines. I’ve seen NO PROOF that the PCOS machines counted the votes correctly. The best way to see it, accdg to Smartmatic and is allowed under canvassing rules, is to look at the Image Files (.jpe) of the ballots themselves. The Roxas camp is asking to do just that. We must not put our faiths blindly on machines. June 3,  7:40 pm

Jamal Ashley Abbas On the other hand, there are many indicators of “weaknesses” or “mistakes” in the system.

First is the erroneous TIME STAMPS of the ERs.
Second is the malfunction of the CF cards ONE WEEK before the ELECTION.
Third is the FLOODING of CF cards — the more than 160,000 CF cards stated in the COMELEC ad plus the importation of some 68,000 additional CF cards and the recently revealed 1,600 CF cards distributed to 80 provinces for “reconfiguration” on May 9.
Fourth, the failure of any group to review the source codes.
Fifth, the inconsistencies in Smartmatic and Comelec people’s testimonies.
Sixth, Smartmatic’s Flores said the national servers opened only at 7pm of May 10 at the close of voting period. Yet the first transmission came at 5:42 pm. By 7pm 230 PCOS machines have already transmitted.
Seventh, the SYSTEST report indicated so many UNRESOLVED ISSUES of the source codes.
Eighth, the Randon Manual Account was held not as scheduled and without the presence of representatives of political parties and watchdog groups.
Ninth, the breakdown and absence of so many PCOS machines as shown on TV and as testified in Congress.
Tenth, the myriad complaints of people who went to Locsin’s congressional committee.
And of course, all the tall tales running around the country about “election fixers”.
June 3, 8:03 pm

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