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How to be a Ladies’ Man or a Femme Fatale

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Ladies’ Man or a Rudolph Valentino, gathering swarms of adoring girls wherever you go? Or if you are a woman, have you dreamed of being a femme fatale such that when you walk into a room, all the guys turn their heads to admire you? Fret no more, because you can be the macho guy or sexy girl whom everybody adores.

First you have to meditate; i.e., go to the alpha or theta level of consciousness. If you are adept at meditation, you know that alpha and theta levels are states of deep relaxation. If you are not very good at meditation, you can listen to a CD that induces alpha or theta level state of consciousness. Or, if you have a computer program or an audio recording / editing software, you can generate tones with a frequency of 8 to 14 Hertz (alpha level) or 4 to 8 Hertz (theta level frequency).

In terms of magic, the alpha and theta levels are very powerful states to be in.

Sit down, close your eyes and relax. Meditate or listen to the CD or the computer-generated tones using stereo headphones.

It would take a minimum of five minutes for your brain to go down to the desired brainwave frequency level. You would know you are in alpha when you feel very relaxed and are quite oblivious to your surroundings. Theta is even a deeper state of relaxation. You cannot feel your body or your surrounding anymore. You feel like you are floating. When you reach this stage, visualize.

See yourself or imagine yourself walking in a roomful of people or in a beach. You are exuding charm and confidence. Ladies (or gentlemen) see you, and swarm over you. They are all attracted to you. Provide the details – the greater the details, the better. Take note of the admiring faces and adoring smiles.

Energize yourself. Feel your body hair standing on end. See the other peoples’ eyes filled with desire for you. Your emotion must be real and intense.

Feel that you are a Human Magnet who attracts the opposite sex like moths to a fire or bees to a flower. When you are at the height of the experience, touch your thumb with your middle finger and exclaim a word, any word such as “Charm” or “Magnet”. This will be your Trigger Word.

Repeat this process at least 8 times more so your mind will match the trigger word with your visualization.

Next time you are in a party or a beach with many girls or guys, touch your thumb with your middle finger and say the Trigger Word.

When you say the trigger word, the energy you have created during visualization would burst forth and immediately affect people around you.

Constant use of this technique is beneficial to your health because every time you say the Trigger Word, your brain would produce “happy chemicals” such as endorphins.

And since like attracts like, you would soon be attracting sexually responsive people to your circle.

But remember, being a Valentino or a Femme Fatale can have its drawbacks. You wouldn’t want to attract somebody like the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction.

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