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Pnoy Passing the Buck to Ombudsman

PALACE FIRES DEPUTY OMBUDSMAN FOR NEGLIGENCE OF THE HOSTAGE-TAKING INCIDENT Manila : Philippines | Apr 01, 2011 FROM: Manila (Philippines) - The Deputy Ombudsman was fired on Friday by Malacanang through a 15-page decision approved by the President. The deputy Ombudsman was blamed for the hostage-taking fiasco that caused deaths of 8 HongKong Nationals and their… Continue reading Pnoy Passing the Buck to Ombudsman

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Hijacking Debacle in Manila

The debacle at the Quirino grandstand last Monday can only be blamed on the government and its agencies, particularly the police. In a desperate bid to right what he perceived to be the wrongs done to him, Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tourist bus containing 25 people, mostly Chinese nationals from Hong Kong. The hostage taker,… Continue reading Hijacking Debacle in Manila