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Pnoy Passing the Buck to Ombudsman


ManilaPhilippines | Apr 01, 2011


Manila (Philippines) – The Deputy Ombudsman was fired on Friday by Malacanang through a 15-page decision approved by the President. The deputy Ombudsman was blamed for the hostage-taking fiasco that caused deaths of 8 HongKong Nationals and their hostage-taker, Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza.

Emilio Gonzales III was sacked for the Incident and Investigation Review Commission (IIRC) has concluded that Gonzales had “committed serious and inexcusable negligence and gross violation of their own rules of procedure by allowing Mendoza’s motion for reconsideration to languish for nine months without any justification.”

The Palace further added that there is substantial evidence that Gonzales had extorted money amounting to Php 150,000 from Mendoza to make the decision favorable to him.

However, there is also an angle that President Noynoy Aquino may be targeting the Office of the Ombudsman as associated to former President Arroyo.


Ha ha ha!!!

After Hong Kong released their findings that Philippine government officials were to be blamed for the bungling of the Mendoza hostage-taking, the Pnoy government is putting the blame solely on the Deputy Ombudsman. This is called cowardly passing the buck.

So now the Pnoy government is practically saying that Capt. Mendoza had valid grievances. And so, why did they not even deign to really listen to him, then? Pnoy and his officials never even gave Mendoza the benefit of the doubt. And they couldn’t care less about the hostages either.

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