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Bud Dajo Massacre

Last March 7 was the 105th anniversary of the Battle of Bud Dajo, the massacre of some 600 Moro men, women and children by the officers and men of the United States Armed Forces, with some (Christian) Filipino soldiers. In 1999, I wrote a newspaper article on this episode of Moro history to commemorate the… Continue reading Bud Dajo Massacre

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Resurrecting old ghosts of Mindanao

While browsing the web, I found a copy of this article published in Business World in 2003. To my surprise, I was quoted by the author. Actually, I think he got his quotes from a speech I delivered in 2000 at UP Los Banos. It's quite a good article. Business Mirror does not keep archives… Continue reading Resurrecting old ghosts of Mindanao

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Domini Torrevillas quoting from my research paper on Filipino Identity

Today, I googled my name and was surprised to see that many people and websites cite me and my works. One of them is an article by veteran journalist Domini Torrevillas in her column FROM THE STANDS in the Philippine Star. It was dated October 11, 2008 She wrote: In my searches, I found a… Continue reading Domini Torrevillas quoting from my research paper on Filipino Identity

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Eve, the First Woman, Wife and Mother

Today is Mother’s Day in many countries including U.S.A. and the Philippines. May all Mothers bring out the best in their husbands and children while living up to their own full potential. Below is an article I wrote for The Philippine Post on December 14, 1999. It is about Eve, the Mother of all the Living.… Continue reading Eve, the First Woman, Wife and Mother