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Demonizing the ‘enemy’

I was browsing the 'net and found an old article I wrote for the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility's (CMFR) Philippine Journalism Reports. It was an analysis of the BBC and CNN coverage of the Lebanon-Israel War of 2006. As a teacher of Media Studies / Mass Communication, I know that my students and… Continue reading Demonizing the ‘enemy’

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Remembering Dolphy

I first saw Dolphy in person when I was about 10 years old. At that time, Manila still had a downtown. It was the Escolta - Quiapo - Avenida area. Quezon City was a suburb of Manila and was part of the Rizal province. My mother brought me along to shop for some clothes at… Continue reading Remembering Dolphy

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IN regard to or WITH regard to?

The Corona impeachment trial is covered by radio and TV news stations every Mondays through Thursdays. I usually watch the trial through the ANC cable channel. Their four presenters use the phrase IN REGARD TO in practically every other sentence.  To me, the phrase just doesn't sound right. I figured that perhaps the three presenters… Continue reading IN regard to or WITH regard to?