Speaking in webinars this October 2020

This month, instead of attending webinars, I was asked to speak in two of them. The first was on Oct. 10, 2020 by a US-based group Kinding Sindaw. October has been celebrated as the Filipino-American History Month in the United States since 1992. As part of the the Fil-Am History celebration, I was asked to give a talk on the Battle of Bud Dajo which happened on May 5-7, 1906 near Jolo, the capital of the Sultanate of Sulu.

My talk was based on the full-page newspaper article I wrote on the Bud Dajo Massacre which was titled The Charge of the Wood Brigade. The story was published in The Philippine Post in 1999.

Today, October 24 a friend, Aimee Morales launched her e-book virtually. The book is titled ALIGNMENT: Lessons in Writing. Together with the launching, several people were invited to speak. I was one of the speakers.

My topic was Teaching GRAMMAR: How Important Is It? There are some people who say grammar is not important at all. But as a teacher of English and French languages, I say: Grammar is Very Important.

I concluded my talk with the ff.:

“Finally, the cover of Aimee’s book is a sculpture of rocks that are delicately balanced on top of other rocks. It is supposed to represent  ‘The best sequence of words, like the alignment of rocks in a sculpture, will hold the whole sentence up into a beautiful, balanced arrangement.’”

That exactly is the job of GRAMMAR  — To hold the sentence up into a beautiful, balanced arrangement.

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