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M for Madness and Martial Law

Thanks to Internet Archives, I found some of my old blogs and blogposts.  I found this blogpost from my first blog M-Reality. This is about the Madness of Martial Law of Marcos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Again, it looks like history is repeating itself. I find this post very apropos for the present political situation.

Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Has Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lost her marbles? Or has she simply fallen prey to the (il)logic of her mediocre advisers? The low IQs of her people are simply appalling. Her advisers insist that Martial Law was never in their agenda. Yet take a look at the concluding paragraphs of Proclamation 1017 and 1081. Arroyo’s people copied Marcos’s proclamation’s concluding paragraph almost word-for word. Goodness gracious, they do not even have originality. But what can one expect from people like Mike Defensor, Arroyo’s loyal henchman?

On the 20th anniversary of EDSA “Revolution”, to commemorate the time when the majority of the people in Metro Manila found the courage to oust the Dictatorship, another dictatorship is set up.

When Martial Law was imposed by Mr. Marcos in 1972, majority of the people in Metro Manila were quite happy about it. When Marcos started giving goodies out to those who would support him, most Filipinos rejoiced even. Most of the old oligarchs survived except for the political ones.

The political opposition, meaning the Liberal Party, was sent to oblivion. Sergio Osmena, Jr. and Jovito Salonga went to the US, Gerry Roxas died of sickness, and Ninoy Aquino was incarcerated. Former president Diosdado Macapagal became a recluse.

Only the Moros and, in a smaller scale, the Communists, gave Mr. Marcos a fight in the battle fields. Most of the so-called “opposition” personalities were “steak commandos.”

It took the martyrdom of Ninoy Aquino to wake up the Filipino people. I remember during the funeral procession for Ninoy Aquino, millions of people were curiously watching us – those in the procession. We kept on shouting slogans like “Down with the Dictator” or even “Revolution!” with our hands doing the L-sign. L stood for Laban! (Fight!). I can’t forget those people who answer us with the L-sign but not with an outstretched hand. They make the L-sign discreetly across their chest or down at their sides or flashing it ever so fast lest the cops or other people might see them.

Yet Marcos still won in the Snap Elections. Fortunately, Marcos’s people’s overkill in the elections was quite damning for the regime. The cheating was massive and blatant.

Fortunately for the Filipinos, Mr. Marcos was very sick already. It was obvious – with his bloated face and all. He was not half the man he was. So, when his Defense Secretary and Armed Forces Chief of Staff mutinied, Marcos was not in full possession of his mental faculties. And so, when the late Cardinal Sin called on the people to go to the streets, history was made.

Less than a year before the historic event at EDSA, I was in Malaysia. A Malaysian shaman gave me a talisman that was supposed to protect me from bullets. So, when EDSA occurred, I rushed there with my “agimat”, half-hoping to test its powers.

I agree with Ms. Imelda Romualdez-Marcos that “EDSA was Marcos’s finest moment.” He could have easily ordered his men to bomb Camps Aguinaldo and Crame to kingdom come, with all the people at EDSA. Or he could have done what Deng Ziao Ping did at Tian An Men square in China.

Martial Law destroyed many lives, including ours, but that’s another story.

As was the case in 1972, there are many people who want Arroyo to remain in office because of the “goodies” they get. Mediocre people, upstarts and even idiots run government agencies and state-run and controlled institutions.

I hope the majority of the people will not forget the time under Marcos when there was no freedom of the speech, press and assembly and everybody could be arrested for no reason at all. The warrant-less arrests of Congressman Beltran and Gen. Montano and the take over of the Tribune newspaper should be enough to tell the Filipino people that Proclamation 1017 is just a euphemism for Proclamation 1081.

posted by Datu Jamal Ashley Abbas @ 3:28 PM    Sunday, February 26, 2006



Well, Mr. Duterte already proclaimed Martial Law all over Mindanao for a few months. He has bombed into kingdom come the center of Marawi City. In the name of Covid19, he received emergency powers to realign the budget and was given billions of pesos to spend, supposedly, for measures related to the fight against Covid. And in the name of Covid, a new junta, called IATF, is running the country, legislating rules (read: laws) right and left. With Congress and the Judiciary under his control, plus the newly minted Anti-Terror Law, Mr. Duterte does not need to proclaim Martial Law for the whole country as he already has de facto, if not de jure, Martial Law powers.

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