A website is defined in wikipedia as “a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.” Thus, there are two requirements for a website — a domain name and a web server or webhost. A domain name is what you want to name your website. It is the name of your shop, your office or your brand. Many people use their given names and surnames as their brand. A webhost or web server is the mechanism that puts your site on the web or cyberspace.

The Internet (with a capital I) is the infrastructure that connects hundreds of millions of computers in a colossal network which communicate via digital protocols. And it is through the Internet that we can access enormous amounts of information residing in the World Wide Web (www), or simply, web.

To be a part or a citizen (netizen) of this World Wide Web, one needs to put up residence in this web world. That residence is your website. Your domain name is the equivalent of your Signage or the Name displayed outside your shop office. And your address in this world is your URL which looks like this:


If you want to do business through the Internet, or you just want your ideas to be accessible to as many people through the Internet, you need to take up residence in the World Wide Web. Your residence or office or shop in the web world is your website.

In the real world, would you trust a business that does not have an office? Would you trust a lawyer, an engineer, a medical doctor who just works out of his house? Perhaps if you know them well enough, you would. But would you do business with these people if they happen to be strangers or mere acquaintances or referrals?


A website with your own domain name gives you credibility. It means that you are a bonafide member of the world wide web. A website that gives useful information and reliable services adds to your credibility. A website tells the world that you are who you are and you are not hiding anything.


People trusts a website whose author or owner(s) are clearly indicated. They will presume that information provided is guaranteed correct by the owner(s) of the site. There are many ways how people can gauge the trustworthiness of a site like the comments or feedback on the site or testimonials of other people, especially the experts. Sites that give information on a physical office, mailing address or email address, and contact numbers increase the trustworthiness factor of the site.


According to studies, 93 out 100 people search the Internet before buying or hiring services for anything. If you do not have a website, 93% of consumers will have no way of knowing that you are in business for anything. Without a website, your market potential is reduced to 7% of total consumers. Without a website, most people won’t even know that your business exists.

The world wide web encompasses the whole world. Your website — which is your office, shop or brand — is thus accessible to people from all over the globe. In a globalized world, a website becomes imperative.


Choosing a webmaster – somebody to design or create your website — must be given more than a passing consideration. A webmaster must have the intelligence and writing skills to make your website credible, trustworthy and accessible. The website must have visually appealing design. That is first and foremost.

Various studies have shown that people would rather engage with well-designed or “pretty” websites and would avoid badly-designed sites. It is important to have not only reliable information, but also engaging style.

Writing prowess is very relevant here as copy must be concise, suggestive, informative, and capable of holding readers’ attention.

Jamal Ashley has been doing websites and blogs since the late 1990s. This whole screen capture of the home page of the Bangsa Moro Files website is one example.  Another is this:

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