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Radio Talk Show Guesting on Renewable Energy

This Sunday, Sept 30, I am the Guest in the radio show, PINOY SCIENTIST on RADYO AGILA. The talk will center on Renewable Energy. Below is the Facebook post in the PINOY SCIENTIST FB page: Pinoy Scientist on Radyo Agila 11 hours ago Next Week: Episode 9: "Renewable Energy"We have the honor to guest for… Continue reading Radio Talk Show Guesting on Renewable Energy

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History’s 100 Greatest Men

  The brouhaha over Sam Becile's movie, purportedly titled Innocence of Muslims, reminded me of the book of Michael H. Hart. It was first published in the 1970s and was even featured in TIME magazine.  Hart considered the Muslim prophet as the greatest man ever. This is a stark contrast from the idiotic movie of (im)Becile who portrayed the… Continue reading History’s 100 Greatest Men