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Radio Talk Show Guesting on Renewable Energy

This Sunday, Sept 30, I am the Guest in the radio show, PINOY SCIENTIST on RADYO AGILA. The talk will center on Renewable Energy.

Below is the Facebook post in the PINOY SCIENTIST FB page:

Next Week: Episode 9: “Renewable Energy”We have the honor to guest for our show the country’s first petroleum engineer, Engineer Jamal Ashley Abbas. Interestingly, for the last decade, he has been promoting renewable energy for the Philippines. Why is it so?

Learn more about the future of “clean energy” from PINOY SCIENTIST this Sunday, September 30.

ADVISORY: Mapakinggan kami sa buong Pilipinas, maliban lang sa Maynila. According to Radyo Agila management, repairs will be finished for the Manila transmitter sometime December of this year.

Our existing transmitters are:
for the rest of Luzon: DZEL 1260 (Lucena) and DWIN 1080 (Dagupan)
for Visayas: DYFX 1332 (Cebu)
for Mindanao: DXED 1224 (Davao)

GREETINGS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, OR QUESTIONS? You may send them to us at FB and we will read them during the show.

You can also text us as 09173457800.

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