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Does the rule of law still hold in the Philippines?

Yesterday, the SC granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that allowed the travel of former President Arroyo and her husband to other countries to seek better medical care. Earlier, the House of Representatives issued a resolution allowing Rep. Arroyo’s travel abroad. Yet the former President was not allowed by airport officials to board the airplane last night. President Aquino’s cabinet secretaries have issued strict orders not to allow the former President to leave the country.

Why is the Ms. Arroyo prevented from leaving the country? She has not even been charged in court, yet. She and her husband are simply under investigation. Does the Aquino government have the right to override the Supreme Court’s decision?


Aquino announced that the government is not only willing to let foreign doctors come to Manila to treat Ms. Arroyo, the government is even prepared to shoulder all expenses. Obviously, PNoy simply wants to score propaganda points among the masses. In the first place, these foreign doctors would need Philippine licenses to practice here. In the second place, what about the equipment? Will they be also brought here? And in which hospital?


President Aquino’s father, the late Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino, was under detention during the Marcos administration. But Mr. Marcos agreed to let Ninoy go to the US to seek medical care.

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Supreme Court says “Go!”, Pres. Aquino says “No!”

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