Money Visualization

I subscribe to one e-zine which sends me articles on Mind Power stuff. In one article, it says Free Articles at icreatewisdom.com
I might re-post here some of the free articles. One such article is the following:


Anticipate Wealth With Barry’s Money Visualization

This is a money visualization tip from Barry Goss, who learned it from Margo Zaher, Manifesting Coach. You can use the power of visualization, and then take action. This money visualization is a little like part of my

Free Guided Meditation.


“When was the last time you saw money falling from the sky? One great way to increase your ability to manifest large amounts of money is to use the power of money visualization.

First of all simply imagine that you are looking up at the big blue sky. It’s a gorgeous day, with only a few small puffy clouds in the distance above. Then imagine small little pieces of paper are coming from those clouds.

They are $100 bills raining down!! They start increasing in
numbers now, thousands, millions and even billions of bills
are floating down! Notice the smell of these crisp new bills.

You are now in the midst of a major money visualization downpour! They are landing all over you, your house and the entire neighborhood and city!

How does it feel to have those softly float down and land all
over you? Do you feel abundant and free? If not, just notice
that. Let yourself feel the freedom of having GREAT abundance.

This is all in your imagination so just allow yourself to fully explore these super wealthy sensations. You are richer than you ever imagined. The Universe is providing you with more money that you have ever desired.

What are you going to do with this money? Think about it. If you could make your one personal heartfelt contribution to the planet with this abundance, what would you do?

Go ahead and take ONE action towards that today!! We dare you! To manifest your dream life, simply start living your dream as if it’s already happening… Enjoy”


Remember, the MOST important thing in the Visualization Process is Feelings. Without Feelings, the visualization would be all for naught. — j. ashley

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