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The Secret — Law of Attraction

In my QUANTUM CINEMA column, I reviewed the film "The Secret". The book and the film are quite the talk of the town in the country since it was twice featured in Oprah's show. In its trailer, it announced that “The Secret has passed through the ages known only to a few men,.. who… harnessed… Continue reading The Secret — Law of Attraction


Money Visualization

I subscribe to one e-zine which sends me articles on Mind Power stuff. In one article, it says Free Articles at I might re-post here some of the free articles. One such article is the following:==========================Anticipate Wealth With Barry's Money Visualization This is a money visualization tip from Barry Goss, who learned it from… Continue reading Money Visualization

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As Pluto Meets the Galactic Center

Pluto will be leaving the sign of Sagittarius in late January next year, thus ending an era that started in 1995. Bush's War on Terror and Huntington's Clash of Civilizations characterize this period in our history. At the end of this era, Pluto conjuncts with the Galactic Center. The effects of this era will be… Continue reading As Pluto Meets the Galactic Center