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Historical Fiction on TV: Tudors & ROME

A couple of months ago, I was quite amazed when two friends, husband and wife, were singing praises on the TV series The Tudors. This was a TV series by Showtime Productions more than ten years ago. It is now being re-shown on cable TV.  My friends were so impressed by the series and thought everything in… Continue reading Historical Fiction on TV: Tudors & ROME



For some reasons, I cannot view this site anymore.  I don't know if anybody can. But I could still open the dashboard, edit and write new posts. Blogger has just deleted my other blog. Now they appear to be doing the same for this blog. This is from my previous post: My other blogspot blog… Continue reading DON'T USE BLOGGER. BLOGGER SUCKS!



My other blogspot blog -- -- is now lost. Years of effort gone to naught.A week ago, I couldn't go to my post because it was blocked by google saying it has malware. I went to Google help. There were several with the same problems. But no solutions.The blogowners are supposed to remove whatever… Continue reading WARNING TO BLOGGER USERS