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Philippine Elections and the Mindanao Vote in the Age of Social Media

This is a mini lecture delivered on March 4, 2022 on the webinar titled Digital Journalism and the Mindanao Vote. Organized by Philippine Press Institute (PPI) and Journalism Studies Association of the Philippines, Inc. (JSAP, Inc.) supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation in cooperation with Internews in collaboration with USAID.

I prepared for a one-hour lecture, which is the usual amount of time I require for a lecture / presentation in a seminar / webinar. At the last minute, I saw in the Program that the speakers were given only 30 minutes each. So I had to cut my lecture in half.

Short presentations or speeches are given when the audience is familiar with the subject and is composed of adults or college graduates. But in this case, the topics are not that familiar — the role of social media in Philippine society and as it relates to Philippine elections and the Mindanao Vote. Also, many of the audience are students.

For webinars, the time and effort for travel to and from the seminar venue is eliminated. Especially for out of town seminars, it doesn’t make sense to spend time, money and effort to travel by car or bus or airplane to and fro, only to speak for 30 minutes or so. It might be good for the speaker as s/he does not need to do research much or create as many slides; but it is not fair to the audience who went out of their way to attend the event in the hope of learning as much knowledge as possible.

It’s a good thing that in this case, I just traveled all the way to my computer station.

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