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Attract Love & Abundance: the High-Tech Way

Meditation is said to be the best way to do a host of things like attracting Love and Prosperity. In the old days, you have to go to an ashram in India or study under gurus or yoga masters to learn how to meditate. In this age of information explosion, there are no more Occult (or Hidden) fields of knowledge. There are books, cassettes, DVDs, mp3 and mp4 recordings, etc. that teach meditation techniques as well as all sorts of occult and esoteric knowledge. But even with these instructional videos and books, achieving the meditative state can still be a long and rigorous process.


Scientifically speaking, you are said to be in a meditative state when your brainwave frequency has slowed down to at least 13 cycles per second or Hertz (Hz). Electroencephalograph (EEG) measurements have shown that the brain vibrates in different rhythms or frequencies. Scientists and Meditation practitioners are interested in four brainwave frequencies which correspond to different states of consciousness. These are called the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta levels of consciousness.


Your waking state is said to operate primarily in the Beta level. When you are fully awake and alert, your brain emits a frequency in the range of 14 to 28 Hz. This rhythm is observed in the frontal lobe of the brain. This is generally associated with activity of the left-brain and the conscious mind.

For those who meditate, reaching and holding consciousness in the alpha level is the goal. The brainwave frequency in the alpha state ranges from 8 to 13 Hz. This is the meditative state where the right brain takes charge. This is generally associated with the subconscious mind. Before you could be hypnotized, you must first be induced to this level. The hypnotherapist would guide you through a rather lengthy process which would include breathing, relaxation and visualization exercises to achieve this state.

Without an hypnotherapist or hypnotist, it would take you quite a long time to achieve this state. Some people spend years of study just to be able to achieve this state of consciousness at will. For students of the esoteric arts, achieving this level is a must for any important activity such as crystal gazing or scrying, or just simple meditation.

In this state, you can control the autonomic nervous system like your pulse or heartbeat; do some healing, practice ESP, telepathy, and clairvoyance. This state is very conducive to Visualization or Imaging for health, wealth, and even for attracting Soul mates. This level induces light trance, relaxation and even daydreaming.

Great adepts and magi can do many magical things in the Beta state, but for the great majority, going to the alpha level is required for any esoteric activity.

At the Theta level, the brain emits a frequency of 4 to 7 Hz. This is the level of deep trance, deep relaxation and even dreaming. Again, the right-brain takes charge in this state of consciousness. This level is generally associated with the deep subconscious to the super-conscious mind. For magical purposes, i.e., “manifesting your desire into reality”, achieving this state is required. In this state, you can have total recall of a past event, and you can elevate your consciousness to a superior mental action. Theta rhythms are observed in the memory store inside the temporal lobe or on the surface of the brain when alertness falls like when one is dozing off.

The Delta level occurs when the brain’s frequency is less than 1 to 4 Hz. This rhythm is found on the surface of the brain. This occurs naturally in deep sleep. It is in this state where you can have  (OOBE) or experience astral travel. There is a technical difference between OOBE and etheric/astral projection. In the former, there is separation between consciousness and the physical body. In the latter, consciousness is shared between the physical and the etheric/astral bodies. Etheric/Astral projection can be done in the alpha and theta levels.


In 1958, Robert Monroe, an engineer-businessman, had a spontaneous OOBE.
robert a monroeWhen the OOBEs continued, he got scared and ran to the medical doctors for help. But the medical and psychological tests he voluntarily underwent did not show any signs of dysfunction in his body or mind. Convinced that he was not sick or crazy, he decided to explore the astral world extensively and in a more scientific manner.

Monroe owned several radio stations and his company’s research laboratory was then doing research on sleep learning using sound frequencies. He then realigned the research into sound frequencies that would induce OOBE. The result of their research was the Hemi-Sync process, which they duly patented. Hemi-Sync® is a process that uses binaural beats. Binaural beats are obtained by sending different sound frequencies (tones) to each ear through stereo headphones. The two hemispheres of the brain then act in unison to “hear” a third signal – the difference between the two tones. This is not an actual sound, but an electrical signal that can only be perceived within the brain by both brain hemispheres working together. Because the two halves of the brain act in unison, the effect is the brain hemispheres’ synchronization.

The Hemi-Sync process not only enables you to go to alpha or theta levels, it also enables you to maintain the function of the left brain even when it is in the level where the right brain dominates and vice versa. Thus, even if you are undergoing OOBE at the delta level, you can still use the analytical and logical thinking processes of the left brain. Or, even in the waking state, you can have access to the creative processes of the right brain. Frequent exposure to binaural beats promotes whole-brain development in all states of consciousness.

Monroe’s research lab became the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in Virginia, USA which specialized in the scientific study of OOBEs and the relationship between sound frequencies and the human brain and body. Monroe chronicled his OOBE and sound frequency discoveries in his three best-selling books, Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journeys.


Monroe’s hemi-sync process spawned a new industry – the Mind Machines. These mind machines constitute a box that generates the desired brainwave frequency – alpha, theta or delta or combinations of them – through light and sound. The sound is heard through headphones while the light is passed through special eyeglasses. The machine is connected to a cassette or CD player where hypnotic suggestions, subliminal or relaxing music can be played.

Today, because of the advances in digital editing and recording, the desired sound frequencies can now be mixed with whatever sound –relaxation music, subliminal and supraliminal suggestions, hypnotic messages, etc. – in a CD. There is no more need for a costly Mind Machine which is not even available in countries like the Philippines.

Thus, thanks primarily to Robert Monroe, you do not have to go through years of submissive study under esoteric and exotic gurus to achieve the meditative state. Also, you do not have to go through the lengthy process of hypnotic induction. You can simply listen to music in a CD or SD or an USB drive, which would induce the brain to generate the preferred frequency and thus enter the desired state of consciousness and program your mind to achieve your desires – build your dream house, meet your soul mate or have an out-of-body experience.

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