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Attract Love & Abundance: the High-Tech Way

Meditation is said to be the best way to do a host of things like attracting Love and Prosperity. In the old days, you have to go to an ashram in India or study under gurus or yoga masters to learn how to meditate. In this age of information explosion, there are no more Occult… Continue reading Attract Love & Abundance: the High-Tech Way

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Torogan, the Mranao royal house

Here is a newspaper article I wrote on the Torogan, the Mranao royal house. I had posted this before in my websites and in my blogs. I stopped maintaining my websites while some of my blogs just vanished for whatever reasons. This is a snapshot of my lost blog with its Torogan post: Now, it's… Continue reading Torogan, the Mranao royal house

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Mranaos and the Bicolanos

This is another of my lost blogposts which was saved by the Internet. Thanks to humans or Internet bots, I can put this back in the blogosphere. These free webhosts should at least warn their users that their closing shop. I maintained that particular blog for several years, including designing the site. I chose a… Continue reading Mranaos and the Bicolanos