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Romney et al wants war with Iran…

Vladimir Putin hates America and dislikes Israel. Through most of the Cold War, it was in proxy wars against America in the Middle East (Russia supported the Arabs), in South Asia (Russia supported India while US supported Pakistan), in Southeast Asia (Russia supported North Vietnam), in Europe, in Africa, in America (Cuba). So why doesn’t America bomb Russia?

China hates America. It supported North Korea in the Korean War and remains the number one supporter of North Korea. It supports Cuba and other communist states, including Vietnam. It massacred its own people in Tianamen Square? So why is America not bombing China?

Simple. Because America and the Americans are not sure if they can win those wars. So, they want to fight little countries with practically no military like Afghanistan or Iraq. Or even Iran. Good for the ego.

But really, did they win in Afghanistan and Iraq? How much money did they spend? And how many Americans died and how many wounded (physically and emotionally)? Is it worth the price?

With America heavily in debt, can they afford to throw a trillion dollars away?

Iran is not Afghanistan or Iraq. USA already fought Iran through Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the 70s-80s when Saddam was America’s BEST FRIEND. Iran did not fall. Now, do you think America can take on Iran without a proxy? Or would it try to use Israel as a proxy? The problem is, Israel has already complained about Americans who keep on saying that Iran is an “existential threat” to Israel. Israel says Iran is not an existential threat.


While Romney and his colleagues running for the GOP nomination, with the exception of Ron Paul, are telling the Americans that they should bomb Iran, that would be the LAST thing any of them would do if and when he becomes President!

Romney et al can shout to high heavens that they want war against Iran but anybody who wins the Presidency will immediately realize that the US cannot go to war with Iran. That would be suicide.

If they could not defeat the persistent Vietcongs, they have no chance against the fanatic Iranian Shi’as. If US invades Iran, all hell will break lose in Iraq as the majority Shi’as there would join the fray. And there will be a domino effect in the Persian Gulf. The sizable Shi’a population of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and others would rock the boat in their own countries which are staunch US allies. Pakistan also has strong Shi’a population that could give trouble to the Sunni generals. The US cannot handle several wars at the same time, like what Obama said.

Again, Iran is not like Afghanistan or Iraq. Saddam Hussein was disliked by the great majority of Iraqis, esp. by the Shi’a majority and the Kurdish minority. And at that time, Saddam was in financial difficulties.


Israel would not want to fight Iran. Iranians are NOT Arabs. They are Persians. Israel would not want to extend its conflict to non-Arabs. Israel is already at great pains trying to portray their conflict as Israel-Palestinian and not Israel-Arab as it really is. Fighting Iran would convince the world that it is an Israeli-Muslim war and not just Israeli-Arab or Israeli-Palestinian war.

The US government gave Israel state-of-the-art Patriot ICBM interceptor missiles ostensibly to protect Israel from an Iranian attack. The US has not given or sold to any other country the IBM Patriot missile. But lo, and behold, according to this report: Breaking: Patriot Missiles Seized, Sold to China by Israel, authorities in Finland caught a ship carrying 69 Patriot ICBM missiles worth $4 Billion. The ship’s next stop was Shanghai, China.

Israel, instead of keeping the Patriot missiles in readiness for an Iranian attack, instead SOLD them to the Chinese! According to the report, “Though the missiles themselves were worth only $4 billion, the technology transfer itself would be worth over $125 billion, and represent a signficant loss of defense capability for the United States.”

Obviously, some people are just fooling the American public. Israel does not want war with Iran. But some people do. These people are Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman and Perry. And Bachmann and Pawlenty and…

So, Americans should not believe Romney et al who beat the drums of war. That’s all for show. And Americans should stop believing that they control the world. They can control some (like the Philippines), but not all.

If some Americans have misgivings about Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy, they can be rest assured that Paul is simply telling them the truth. The US will not go to war with Iran. What the US would likely do is to agitate the Iranian opposition and hope that Ahmadinejad would go the way of the Arab leaders. But he will not go because he is not a dictator. The Iranian people removed the dictator – the Shah of Iran — in the late 1970s.


Americans should vote for Ron Paul if they want to regain the purchasing power of the dollar. They should vote for Ron Paul if they want to regain their right to privacy (lost through Patriot Act and related laws). They should vote for Ron Paul to regain their right of habeas corpus and right to trial when (falsely or not) accused of terrorist activities (lost through NDAA). They should vote for Ron Paul if they want the government to mind their own business, not the individuals’ business like whether to use contraceptives or not or which insurance company to use. They should vote for Ron Paul if they want much less taxes. They should vote for Ron Paul if they want to be secure within their shores and not let their military go to war in other shores leaving the continental USA undermanned. (In 1898-1900s, two-thirds of the US military went to the Philippines to create the American Empire. There were so few military left in the US that Mexico, which was then in the midst of economic prosperity, could have invaded the US and retaken lost lands – Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, etc.!)

They should vote for Ron Paul if they want America to be great again, and minding its own business!  And so the people in this planet can be peaceful again.

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