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Republican debates – an amazing collection of stupidity

Yesterday, the Republican candidates for its party’s presidential nomination went on another debate and aired on CNN. The topic was on Security.

As expected, it was Ron Paul versus everyone else.  it was Ron Paul vs the gang who wants to help Israel unilaterally bomb Iran (Paul said Israel’ military chief himself said that won’t happen, that it was a bad idea), to profile all younger Muslims as terrorists because the ‘War on Terror’ is a deadly war (Paul said that he never heard of Congress declaring war on anyone), to spend more for military budget, to strengthen further the Patriot Act (Paul would NOT compromise the Bill of Rights which the Patriot Act does), etc.

Michelle Bachmann said that Pakistan was more than “an existential” threat. What in the world does she mean? I wonder what my favorite existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre and favorite existentialist writers Albert Camus and Fyodor Dostoevsky would have thought of that?

According to T.J. Walker in

“Ron Paul came out with the best one liners, strongest applause and last night his message resonated more than any other candidate up on the stage with him.

Biggest applause and points gained on the night for Paul was when he called for an end to the drug war and an end to military adventurism abroad.

The question will remain if he has enough broad appeal amongst the Republican base to pick up steam and surge higher in the polls.”

American economist and writer Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, formerly Reagan’s Asst. Secretary of the Treasury and former editor and columnist of Wall Street Journal and Business Week, put it quite straightforwardly in a TV interview. He said:

“It was a comedy show. If any of these people, other than Ron Paul – he’s the only one qualified to be president but the American public doesn’t have the sense to like him. If any of the other would be elected, it would be like having an IDIOT as head of a superpower. Hah! It’s such an amazing collection of stupidity.”

(CLICK FOR THE VIDEO) Paul Craig Roberts: GOP debate is an amazing collection of stupidity

In 2007, I didn’t think that the Americans were mature enough to vote for Obama in 2008. Fortunately, I was wrong. Now, in 2011, I don’t think Americans are intelligent enough to vote for Ron Paul in 2012. I hope and wish that I am wrong again.

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