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Anagrams – The Secret Behind Names

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According to the esoteric sciences, NAMES are sacred. There are secrets buried in one’s name. In Numerology, each letter corresponds to a number. By calculating the number according to some equations, the name’s properties, and hence, the destiny of the bearer of the name can be discovered.

For those not mathematically inclined, there is another mystical procedure to uncover / discover the secrets of Names. This is called Lexigram. The procedure is simple: write down all the words that can be made out of the given letters of the particular name(s).Then create sentences out of these words.

Another method is the Anagram. An ANAGRAM is word or phrase formed by transporting the letters of another word or phrase. All the letters in the original word or phrase must be used in the anagram with nothing added or left out.

Anagram-making became a very popular pastime during the Middle Ages in Europe. Thus, many people consider it merely as a game and do not give it the same mystical stature as the lexigrams.

But the Tarot also evolved from the game of cards. And even the ordinary cards are still used as divinatory tools by countless people.

In Lexigrams, a name or set of names can have hundreds of sub-words and thousands of sentences can be made from those words. For example, the name George Bush contains 111 words – from the interjection O! to 7-letter words like buggers and rehouse. You can imagine how many sentences you can make by re-arranging 111 words. One sample sentence is ‘He buggers rogues.’ It is therefore no wonder that the Bush administration loves calling their perceived enemies “rogue states” like North Korea and Iran.

For anagrams, the choice is limited. All the letters must be used, nothing added nor left out. It is simpler and more to the point. In Magick, like in Physics, the simpler method or theory is always preferred. There is also perfect symmetry because the word and its anagram use the very same letters. For this reason, anagrams are written with an equal sign (=). Thus, ‘George Bush’ = ‘He bugs Gore’. For anagrams that complete the sentence, a tilde sign (~) is used.


When one finds an anagram, there is usually a sense of awe and wonder at its Simple yet Profound Truth. You can immediately agree with the principle in the Occult that says, “There is no coincidence in the Universe”. When you see the anagram equation ‘George Bush’ = ‘He bugs Gore’, you wonder if Bush was really destined to win the electoral votes yet lose the popular votes, which presumably bugs Gore eternally.

What do you think of this anagram – ‘President George W. Bush’ = ‘This bugger needs power’ ? Or this, ‘President Bush of the USA’ = ‘A fresh one, but he’s stupid’

A look at some of the anagrams of famous people further lends credibility to their simple truthfulness:

Adolf Hitler. = ‘Heil, old fart!’ (Jean Fontaine, 1998) =‘Do real filth.’

Milosevic = ‘Cos I’m evil’ (Larry Brash, 1999)

Chairman Mao. = ‘I am on a march’ (Mick Tully, 1998, Wayne Baisley, 1999)

Diana, The Princess of Wales = ‘Elton’s idea is crap. He fawns’ (Larry Brash, 1998)

Elvis Aaron Presley. = Seen alive? Sorry, pal! (Bourke, 1999)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. = A famous German waltz god. (Jones, 1999)

Thomas Alva Edison = Aha! Ions made volts! (Larry Brash, 1999)

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy = O, it’s a lovely thick novel! (Grantham, 2000)

Sir Peter Paul Rubens = Superb painter rules. (Jaybur, 2000)

The Israeli general, Moshe Dayan = Hail, great hairless one-eyed man! (Richard Grantham, 2000)

William Shakespeare = I’ll make a wise phrase. (Grantham, 2000) or

                                   =He’s like a lamp, I swear, or

                       =speaks well, I hear. (Dent, 2005)

(The names in parentheses are the people who worked out the anagrams and the year they registered their “discoveries”. I think one can register through the Internet.)



The term ‘Philippines’ anagrams to ‘I ship nipple’ (Mary Ann 2003). Is this connected to the mail-order brides the Philippines are famous for? Another anagram pertains to the male genital. Is this any indication about the people’s attitudes towards sexuality? I uncovered another anagram which says ‘I help thin pipes’ but I have no idea what it could mean.

‘Republic of the Philippinesanagrams to ‘Feeblish, prophetic pupil in’. Could this refer to the psychic but feeble Filipino who is considered by foreigners as a mere pupil? It must be noted that under the 350-year Spanish rule, the Christianized Filipino native was considered a perpetual legal minor. The Spanish priest or the military governors acted as the guardians of the Filipino natives.

President Marcos dreamed of changing the Filipinos and called his utopia, ‘The New Society’, which anagrams to ‘Chinese wet toy’. The Chinese flourished during the Marcos regime and many Chinese nobodies became rich tycoons. The New Society became their wet toy.

President Arroyo wanted a ‘Strong Republic‘, which anagrams to ‘Corpse blurting’. The country is now famous for its extra-judicial killings of journalists and leftists.


‘Ferdinand Edralin Marcos’ anagrams to ‘Aced informer drains land’ (Mary Ann 1987). So maybe it is true that Marcos drained the country of so much wealth. It also anagrams to ‘Fair, damned scorn’ (mine) or ~‘red, mad, infernal, sardonic’ (mine)

His widow’s name has very interesting anagrams: ‘Imelda Romualdez Marcos’ = ‘A lurid sole-crazed momma’ (Mesterton-Gibbons) (2007) = ‘Our mild sole-crazed mama’ (by Pinchas) = ‘Demoralized amoral scum’ (by Jewell 2005)

I worked out Fidel V Ramos ‘s anagram to ‘Favored, slim’(mine). We all know that he was favored (anointed) by Cory Aquino and he won the presidency by a very slim margin.

Joseph Estrada has ‘Oh, sad jeep star’ (mine). Indeed, the movie star’s jeep (Jeepney ni Erap) has a sad journey. Estrada should always use Erap instead of Joseph. The anagram ‘Erap Estrada’ ~ ‘as rare Adept’ – has a much better ring to it.

In spite of having only 6 letters, the name Gloria has quite a number of anagrams: ‘Oil Rag’ = ‘O Grail’ = ‘Air Log’ = ‘Rio Gal’ = ‘Go Lira’ (all by Jewell 2005) = ‘Go, Liar!’ (Domingo Marcelo 2005) = OA Girl.

The website has the anagram ‘President Gloria Arroyo’ = ‘No leader, a sorry pig riot’. But I worked out this anagram: ‘President Gloria Arroyo’ = ‘O, a Tory leader’s iron grip’ (mine). This means that some people see her as a sorry leader while others recognize her as a conservative leader with an iron grip on Philippine politics.


We are in the midst of elections. From the anagrams of the word ‘Politicians’, we can see that work makes them panic – ‘Toil is panic!’ ( Ryan 2004). They also ask for pain as in ‘Solicit pain’ (by Fathallah2002). A Politician’s office ~‘Is in Capitol’ (Kastner 2002). And of course, politicians love to argue on any topic — ‘Topical is in! (Rothstein 2001) and ‘I nail topics’ (Rothstein 2002).

Most of the candidates in the coming elections are ‘Career Politicians’. They ~ ‘repair, conciliate’. The ‘career politician’ = ‘a reptilian Cicero’ (Rothstein 2003). And during elections, it is good to know that ‘Career Politicians’ anagrams to ‘I air election crap’ (Tully 2003).

In ‘senatorial elections’, one should ‘retaliate in coolness’, according to the anagrams. It would seem that in these elections, the ‘Genuine Opposition’ will fare better as it will spark with ‘Genius Poet Opinion’ while ‘Team Unity’ will ‘Eat Mutiny’. But the anagram ‘Allan Peter Cayetano’ ~ ‘to clean penalty area’ is baffling. Could this mean that he would be made to pay some penalty, perhaps by the Justice Secretary?


‘Mr. & Ms. magazine’ anagrams to ‘& Man’s grim maze’. During the latter days of the Marcos era, Mr. & Ms. magazine was one of the shining beacons that helped the Filipinos get out of the grim maze of Dictatorship. Today, the Filipinos seem to be in another labyrinth – not only politically but also spiritually. And the Supermonthly of the Body, Mind and Spirit could be another light that could free the Filipino from this yet another grim maze.

And this is possible because the magazine’s publisher – editor is ‘Eugenia Duran Apostol’ whose name anagrams to ‘Utopian, aroused angel’. (END)


Published in Mr. & Ms. Magazine, Supermonthly of the Body, Mind & Spirit, May 2007
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