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DVD Pick: V for Vendetta

As I browsed through the ‘Net, I found my old blog (parts of it) archived. I’m re-blogging it here. In this era of Big Business-Big Government alliance, it is always a good idea to watch V for Vendetta to remind ourselves the importance of individual and collective liberties. I have to add that Natalie Portman’s portrayal… Continue reading DVD Pick: V for Vendetta

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SEEING TREASON: Justifying a State of Emergency in a documentary

In February 2006, then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, in her pursuit of a "Strong Republic", proclaimed a State of Emergency through Presidential Proclamation 1017 to give her government Martial Law powers. Malacanang produced a documentary titled Paglaban sa Kataksilan: 1017 (1017: To Fight Treason). The Philippine Journalism Reports' (PJR's) editor asked me to write a review of… Continue reading SEEING TREASON: Justifying a State of Emergency in a documentary

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Demonizing the ‘enemy’

I was browsing the 'net and found an old article I wrote for the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility's (CMFR) Philippine Journalism Reports. It was an analysis of the BBC and CNN coverage of the Lebanon-Israel War of 2006. As a teacher of Media Studies / Mass Communication, I know that my students and… Continue reading Demonizing the ‘enemy’

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Mayweather – Pacquiao : The Hype of the Century

I've stopped watching boxing matches a few years ago. It has been getting obvious to me that these mega bucks extravaganzas are somehow or other fixed. In the first Lennox Lewis - Evander Holyfield fight, when the introduction of the boxers was being done, I realized that one was managed by HBO and the other Showtime… Continue reading Mayweather – Pacquiao : The Hype of the Century

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Animal welfare advocates and environmentalists are deeply saddened by the death of Sharmila, the fourth dolphin of  Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS) to die, but are not surprised. On 12 May 2014, the Marine Life Park of RWS announced the death of Sharmila, a bottlenose dolphin trained in the Philippines and shipped to Singapore in 2012.… Continue reading DOLPHIN TRAINED IN THE PHILIPPINES DIES AT RESORTS WORLD IN SINGAPORE

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Mila (2001) -The Invisible Hand of Hegemony

I'm uploading this critique for my Film Theory and Criticism classes to read.   by  ©Jamal Ashley Abbas Direction: Joel Lamangan                                Screenplay: Ricky Lee Production: STAR Cinema Cast:  Maricel Soriano, Cherry Pie Picache, Princess Punzalan, Piolo Pascual STORYLINE (The movie is based on the life of Anita Pamintuan, a schoolteacher who was found dead in… Continue reading Mila (2001) -The Invisible Hand of Hegemony

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Climate Change and the Aquino Government

President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd and his former running mate and now Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas kept on saying that in their "system", the LGUs (local government units) are the first line of defense (in disaster risk reduction programs). It's a logical strategy. But having a strategy or policy written up doesn't… Continue reading Climate Change and the Aquino Government